Eliza-Marie Phillip


My name is Eliza-Marie Phillip. I am a young adult from Southern, Vermont. I feel truly grateful to have grown up in a place that is mostly trees and woods. My imagination had no limits as a child, I would play outside for hours. Sometimes from when the sun would come up to when the sun would go down. This sense of adventure and imagination is reflected in my art today.

I paint characters that I refer to as monsters. They have no gender and represent all people. The goal for my work is to be inclusive of all types of people especially minorities, my LGBTQ+ community and my BIPOC community. I play off from phrases that I’m feeling, the people around me are experiencing or inspiration from walking around Burlington. I choose my colors with the intention of drawing people’s attention. Things can get dark especially in the colder months in Vermont. Having bright colors around your house, at a coffee shop or a thrift shop, creates an exciting uplifting energy. I want to brighten people’s days and also show them something they can relate to.

I use canvas and acrylic paint to create my art pieces. I also enjoy painting chairs, glass jars, and on clothing (jackets)! Exploring my art has been a fun and rewarding venture. The amount of support and positive feedback has warmed my heart and fueled my progress. I am excited to see how far I can go with my work. I have many ideas and am looking forward to sharing them with you all! 

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