Thursday, July 11, 2024

8:00 pm



Foam Brewers - Burlington Waterfront

Live Music
Rock & Roll

A special Jazz Thursday Feature.

New York City-based band, Tilden, is a dynamic seven-piece group that makes it impossible to stand still when listening to them play. The group is composed of Julian Anderson (vocals),  Jenna Mark (vocals and synth), Kallan Campbell (guitar), Diego Martinez (bass), Ryan Laetari (guitar), Steph Jacco (flute), and Gabe Camarano (drums).

Tilden can balance perfectly the scale of light and dark sound in each song. Some are perceived as hard rock, focusing on guitar, bass, and drums. Others highlight the softness of the flute and keys in solos or instrumental breaks. They create music that crosses genres with an exploration of sounds in order not to bind their music to one category.


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