Friday, July 26, 2024

10:00 pm

Robber Robber: Wild Guess Album Release


Foam Brewers - Burlington Waterfront

Live Music
Post Punk
Indie Rock

Foam Presents: Robber Robber: Wild Guess Album Release feat. Greaseface

All movement - and consequently, a lot of art - is a product of tension and release. In 2017, when multi-instrumentalists Nina Cates and Zack James decided to begin writing songs together, it was an excercise to see whether they could collaborate and anyone would be interested in anything they came up with. Now, Robber Robber’s debut album, Wild Guess, feels more like an exercise in tension and release than an indie record. For all of its nods to its post-punk predecessors and the eclectic Burlington VT music scene that fed into it, the album feels more like an attempt to translate imagery into sound, communicating all the shades of light and dark you could visualize - and it’s better for that reason.

Support from Burlington-based punk band greaseface. Loud, in your face, and artery clogging, Greaseface embodies the characteristics of DIY. Originally hailing from the far reaches of Hinesburg, Vermont, Greaseface is comprised of childhood friends Jackson Glover, Brenden Provost, and Liam Thomas.

$10 adv/$12 dos

Robber Robber: Wild Guess Album Release

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