Sunday, December 3, 2023

1:00 pm

Erin Cassels-Brown


Burlington - Waterfront


Building upon the elbow grease-fueled momentum of his EP, Northern Lights Vol. 1, the Winooski, VT-based songwriter finally swings for the fences with his debut album, Dreamin’ On Overdrive.

Dreamin’ On Overdrive didn’t emerge from a straight line. After a strange two year stint in college he left school to read rock and roll autobiographies, write songs, and drink a few too many Labatt Blues. A whirlwind of odd jobs and local bands landed him with his feet mostly on the ground and a collection of songs that would be the beginning of his writing career. Comprised of life stories derived from “fantasies, hopes and a wispy, unstable resource: human memories”, (Jordan Adams, Seven Days) his unique brand of celestial country music walks the line between the milky way and a county fair. “Precocious lyrics and a grizzled delivery” (#) propelled him from an economically-required tenure as an acoustic-slinging street busker to a “proper band album of full-throated roots-rock – emphasis on the rock.” (Ray Padget, County Tracks)

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