Tuesday, June 6, 2023

6:00 pm

Phoebe Lo Art Opening at Deep City


Foam Brewers - Burlington Waterfront

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Join us at Deep City + Foam on June 6th for the art opening of Phoebe Lo's new collection: Prophecy. Phoebe Lo is a multidisciplinary artist based in Burlington, VT working in the mediums of acrylic on canvas, mural, 2D wood sculpture, print, and digital illustration. Her style has a playful, escapist quality, featuring abstract forms and muted color palettes that layer and transform to create a dialogue of their own. Her work has been featured in gallery exhibitions, brand identities, and within residential and commercial projects, large and small.

Prophecy (2023) is a collection of mixed media works that uses color gradients, abstract forms, and surrealist symbolism to comment on time, fate, and transformation. In the series, a calming, playful palette positively colors the energy of the work referencing the attitude necessary to endure change. The series invites you to take inventory of your past prophecies, your present embodiments, and your attitude towards an ever changing future. It can be viewed at Foam and Deep City starting Tuesday, June 6th at 6PM.

Phoebe's website: https://phoebelostudio.com/
Phoebe's IG: https://www.instagram.com/phoebelostudio/

Update on Deep City/Food for the event: Deep City will not be serving food BUT we will have a food truck outside Foam serving tacos, there will be oysters at Deep City from Sweet Sound Aqua, and we'll have our usual Foam food menu of meat, cheese and snacks. Deep City will still offer a full bar.

Event goers are welcome and encourage to venture over to Foam Brewers to view more of Phoebe's work in the brewery, and folks are more than welcome to bring food and/or drinks to and from Foam and Deep City, and vice-versa.

Phoebe's work will be hanging throughout the brewery and restaurant (Deep City) for about 7 weeks.

Phoebe Lo Art Opening at Deep City

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