Saturday, July 16, 2022

7:00 pm

Aubrey Haddard, Andriana Chobot, and Ciarra Fragale

Foam Presents: Aubrey Haddard, Andriana Chobot, and Ciarra Fragale
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Foam Presents: Aubrey Haddard, Andriana Chobot, and Ciarra Fragale

Aubrey Haddard:

In 2022, Aubrey Haddard’s vision is guided by the great European songwriters of the 1990s and 2000s. On the New York-based singer-songwriter’s second full length release, Awake And Talking (out August 2022), Haddard arrives with an explosive, avant-pop catharsis in tow on “Just A Wall,” the music of Stereolab, Cocteau Twins and Björk presenting their arty influence.

Awake And Talking is a far cry from Haddard’s soulful and knotty debut, 2018’s Blue Part. Since relocating from Boston to New York in 2019, six months before the world turned, Haddard and her trio—made up of writing partner and multi-instrumentalist Charley Ruddell and drummer Josh Strmic—methodically and meticulously fleshed this group of songs with the intent of perfection: To truly capture a sound that was created in the likeness of their heroes. What resulted was an album that constantly smacks and pulses, each song standing alone as its own body of work, the through-line of which is an unmistakable reverence to melody and self-examination.

Andriana Chobot:

Having spent many years as a professional human being and slightly less than that as a pianist, Andriana Chobot is bringing her talents to the world. Having picked up the piano at the young age of 4, Andriana started to write songs in her junior year of high school initially classical compositions, gradually evolving into what you hear today. Now, nearly twenty years after her first encounters with her weapon of choice, and having studied Theatre, she says she loves performing whether it's music or dramatic plays onstage. For music, she says her sound is getting more experimental as time passes, but insists that she "couldn't even try" to define it. Nonetheless, Andriana cites influences such as those rare times when it's raining and the sun is shining at the same time.

The occasional dueling pianist, Andriana Chobot recently premiered her new video to her latest single "Like It's the Last Time," which teases her upcoming first full length album, coming very soon.

Touring locally this musician is based out of Burlington, Vermont.

Ciarra Fragale:

Fragale’s newest self-titled LP is her best, most cohesive work to date. Ranging from Motown inspired heartbreak pop to modern and cerebral indie rock, Ciarra creates a distinct sonic world that allows her to display what makes her artistry so special. Pounding keys, angular guitars, and steady driving beats grace these buoyant and emotive tracks, with Ciarra’s one of a kind vocals gliding in and out of smooth and sweet harmonies showcasing her masterful musicianship and songwriting prowess. She currently resides in Western MA, and can most likely be found at the top of mountains or at your local thrift store.


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