Spontaneous Dot - Elderberry

Spontaneous Wild Ale
$14 / 375ml Bottle

A beer with history and a sense of place, Spontaneous Dot – Elderberry is 100% Vermont grown. Initially brewed in the Fall of 2016, with barley from Peterson Quality Malt, raw wheat from Nitty Gritty Grain, and a touch of aged hops from Homestead Hops, the wort was driven out to Andrew Peterson's original malthouse near Boyer’s Fruit orchard in Monkton, Vermont. Here, the hot wort was allowed to rest overnight in a makeshift coolship, allowing wild yeast and bacteria to inoculate the wort as it cooled. This effort was repeated in 2017, with both vintages fermenting and developing in House of Fermentology until the Fall of 2018 when they were blended and moved on to Elderberries from Thorn Hill Farm. Finally, in 2019, Spontaneous Dot – Elderberry was bottled with Burlington’s own BTV Honey.⠀

5.0% Alc. by Vol

Preorder available now as a part of Funk On The Water vintage bottles release.

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