Odd Pets 082020B

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Raw Ale (Sour)
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Like its companion Double IPA to be released simultaneously, we brewed this beer with @valleymalt’s pilsner malt and @nittygrittygrain’s raw wheat berries. That is where the similarities between these Odd Pets start and end. For this one (082020B) we acidified the mash using Meyer lemons, a hybrid citrus fruit thought to be a cross between citron or lemon and mandarin orange. After a briefly bringing the temp up to a near boil, we cooled 082020B, soured with Lactobacillus Plantarum, and refermented with our own raw Vermont wildflower honey. The result is everything we strived for. The contributions from the Lactobacillus and lemon tang complement the sweet honey and Pilsner malt. It emits floral and citrus forward aromas, is pleasantly tart and reminds us of Lemonhead candies and Limoncello.

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Stephen Sharon

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