Wednesday, September 27, 2023

7:00 pm

Valkyries Brewing Club Harvest Party ft. Baby Fearn and the Plants, tip/toe, and Reid Parsons


Foam Brewers - Burlington Waterfront

Hip Hop
Charity Event

We are throwing a Harvest Party to celebrate the release of a new wet hop beer from the Valkyries Brewing Club featuring live music from Baby Fearn and the Plants, tip/toe, and Reid Parsons!

Valkyries Brewing Club is brewing club at Foam Brewers created by our beloved, Olivia Sommers, for folks who have experienced gender-based oppression and feel comfortable in women-aligned spaces. Valkyries Brewing Club has a commitment to our continued support for female-identifying folks in the brewing industry, brewing delicious beers together, and learning about the brewing process as a whole!

Some of the proceeds from this event will go towards benefitting Feeding Chittenden. Feeding Chittenden works to alleviate hunger by feeding people and cultivating opportunities. As the largest direct service emergency food provider in Vermont, Feeding Chittenden serves over 12,000 people each year. We are so excited to be able to work with such a great organization!

[Baby Fearn and the Plants]

Baby Fearn and the Plants is a new and eager group ready to bring people together and create kind and fun spaces for everyone to enjoy music! Fronted by singer and song-writer Baby Fearn, the band collaborates together to reimagine songs from genres such as, R&B, Pop, Soul, Folk, Rock, and Jazz! The talented plants include a drummer, guitarist, bassist, trumpetier, clarinet player, and pianist who have delivered high energy performances to the amazing Burlington VT community!


tip/toe is a pop singer, songwriter, producer based out of Burlington, Vermont, USA. Occupier of the space between the beats. They don't care about decorum. prodbytiptoe on IG and TikTok, seen in PAPER magazine, ALTPress, and other publications as well as in ur dreams.

[Reid Parsons]

Vermonter Reid Parsons is an open book on stage, words stripped to the heartwood. Parsons's lyrics are honest and simple, placed with intention in a true craftsman style. Not one to beat around the bush, Parsons has a knack of distilling the hurts and hopes of life into compact tunes that live in the liminal spaces between genres. “Parsons has a warm spirit. Even though her tunes touch on hardships and dark times, they impart a sense of hope that’s lately in short supply” (Jordan Adams, Seven Days).

Parsons was raised in the woods with early influences of folk, blues, and jazz. Her deft songwriting landed her the top spot at the 2017 Advance Music Singer/Songwriter competition, providing the opportunity to record a 5 song EP, released in 2018. Parsons subsequently recorded a live EP in 2021, and her debut album is scheduled for independent release in late 2023.

Valkyries Brewing Club Harvest Party ft. Baby Fearn and the Plants, tip/toe, and Reid Parsons

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