Saturday, July 23, 2022

8:00 pm

Wild Leek River with Zach Bryson

Foam Presents: Wild Leek River with Zach Bryson
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Foam Presents: Wild Leek River with Zach Bryson

Wild Leek River:

Hailing from Northern Vermont, Wild Leek River is a regular 5-piece country band. The songs they play vibrate with sounds of new and old, steady back-beats and good stories. Their style and performances trace its roots from the honky tonks of days gone by, with rowdy shows across Vermont and throughout the Northeast.

In the release of their self-titled debut LP in 2021, they cultivated and honed in on the sound first sketched out in their 2019 release, “The Bacon EP.” The band also took to recording songs by local Vermont Artists and other friends made along the way. On the LP, they perform versions of “Molly Bootlegger” by Jeremy Sicily of Beg, Steal or Borrow and “Good Intentions” by local VT legend Johnny Davis. Rumor has it that the band will also be heading back into the studio in 2022 to cut another full-length LP. Stay tuned, y’all.

Zach Bryson:

"The One and Lonely" Zach Bryson writes songs and sings them, sometimes by himself and sometimes with his band The Meat Rack (not to be confused with the flat earth themed hardcore band "The Meat Rats"). He lives in New Orleans, LA but is often seen taking buses to gigs all across the world. If you want to pay him to play somewhere just email him and he'll do it. He'll do almost anything for money.


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