Tuesday, May 30, 2023

6:00 pm

Local Motives Tuesday - Age Well Vermont


Burlington - Waterfront


Join us every Tuesday as we'll host a different local organization to use the brewery space, drink a special release of beer and wine, and enjoy the musical stylings of DJs Local Dork. This series was created with the intention of engaging with the community and giving the opportunity to local organizations to connect with people in Bulrington face to face. Each week a keg of a Natural Hack wine is released along with a brewer’s pick of beer at a featured price.

The Tunes:

Local Dork has been an integral part of Foam’s artistic fabric since opening in 2016. The vinyl spinning DJ duo of Bob Wagner and Matt Hagen has been a resident fixture every Tuesday curating a wildly eclectic and always grooving audio aesthetic. An all-local ingredient beer is brewed annually using Local Dork’s namesake as an homage to local collaborations (growers, farmers, local agriculture, etc). Foam Brewers and Local Dork have evolved immensely together while continuing to share core values that celebrate their local community.

This week's organization:

Age Well Vermont - The leading experts and advocates for the aging population of Northwestern Vermont.

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