Saturday, June 1, 2024

7:00 pm

Greaseface, Renonce, Total Chroma


Live Music
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A dual event along with the art opening of Haley Fenn.


Loud, in your face, and artery clogging, Greaseface embodies the characteristics of DIY. Originally hailing from the far reaches of Hinesburg, Vermont, Greaseface is comprised of childhood friends Jackson Glover, Brenden Provost, and Liam Thomas.


Montreal, 2021. Renonce makes industrial music infused with darkwave and noise.

[Total Chroma]

Total Chroma is the brainchild of Canadian Minimal synth artist Robert Katerwol. Inspired by Italo disco, classic EBM, minimal wave, and post-punk, Katerwol bridges his inspiration(s) into a genre-smashing cocktail of sweaty dance floor catharsis! 
 Since 2012, Katerwol has been actively producing, releasing, performing, and touring across North America, and the EU. Past projects/collaborations include Wire Spine, Weird Candle, Body Break, deth, Industrial Priest Overcoats, and Snit. 
 Katerwol has shared stages with a multitude of acts, big and small. Those acts include Lebanon Hanover, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, She Past Away, Boy Harsher, Youth Code, Psyche, Schwefelgelb, Latitia Sadier, Severed Heads, Selofan, Pastel Ghost, Pure Ground, Nuovo Testamento, Kontavoid, Drab Majesty, Qual, High Functioning Flesh, Light Asylum, and more. 
 When not producing music, or on the road, Katerwol keeps busy curating the annual Verboden Music Festival in Vancouver B.C. 
 FFO: Martin Dupont, Cabaret Voltaire, Body Of Light, Led Er Est, Xeno and Oaklander, Kontravoid, etc.

Greaseface, Renonce, Total Chroma

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