Friday, February 16, 2024

8:00 pm

Dead Gowns with No Fun Haus and Paper Castles


Foam Brewers - Burlington Waterfront

Live Music
Indie Rock
Rock & Roll

[Dead Gowns]

Dead Gowns is the project of Portland-Maine singer-songwriter Geneviève Beaudoin. In her latest collection, the HOW EP, she pushes “expressive arrangements and raw melodies into a glowing spectacle” (Foxy Digitalis). Both urgent and sincere, it’s “the sound of a songwriter coming good on all her promises and then some” (For the Rabbits). 

[No Fun Haus]

No Fun Haus is 4 intrepid travelers who somehow crossed paths and are glad they did. Tinkering with a fusion of indie rock, folk-rock & emo-country, No Fun Haus blends soulful melodies, midwestern existentialism, raw vocal performances and jam-influenced drum grooves to bring a fresh sound to your noise receptacles.

[Paper Castles]

Paper Castles is the ongoing project of songwriter Paddy Reagan and an ever-growing list of contributors.

| $5 COVER | DOORS 8 PM |

Dead Gowns with No Fun Haus and Paper Castles

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