July 1, 2021

SPUN, The Series

Introducing SPUN Built To Spill, a classic Foam beer brought to the next level with a new brewing process we're implementing on Lake Street.

As brewers, part of our ethos is to always work toward creating better beer. At Foam, we're constantly experimenting with novel brewing techniques and ingredients, chasing the “perfect” beer. We recently introduced a new process in the brew house to capture the amazing essence of “hot-side” whirlpool hop additions. This process allows us to cool the wort to a lower temperature before adding an excessive amount of hops to the spinning whirlpool. The temperature drop permits the wort to absorb all of the great hop flavors without any additional bitterness contribution. The “super-hopped” wort is then fermented and conditioned with two massive dry hop additions before the beer is finished, resulting in a uniquely rich hop forward offering.

We wanted to introduce this new SPUN series with one of our original fan favorite Double IPAs - Built To Spill. Using this new process, we created a draft-only version of Built To Spill that hits all of the lovely pineapple and citrus notes of the original, but is brought to another level. SPUN Built To Spill aromatically bursts out of the glass and pleasantly glides you into the first sip. Expect to experience deep flavors of a creamy citrus smoothie, sticky ripe pineapple, and fresh squeezed tangerine juice. This new draft beer is pouring on-site now, as well as in growlers to-go. We truly hope you enjoy. #spun

Liz Lamere, Alan Vega, Jared Artuad
Liz Lamere, Alan Vega, Jared Artuad
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For You
For You is a Pale Ale we brewed for the first time last Spring, utilizing 100% locally grown ingredients. This beer showcases the work of some incredible Vermont farmers, and highlights the community of growers that exist in our special state. Oh, and the beer is delicious.
May 11, 2022
Wipeout Beat: Triple IPA brewed in memory of Alan Vega
As longtime fans of Alan Vega, we are incredibly honored and humbled to have brewed this posthumous collaboration, Wipeout Beat. We're now releasing this beer on an occasional basis. Click to learn more.
May 26, 2021
Complementary Dots + Backdoor Bread + Jasper Hill
The first installment of House of Fermentology’s Complementary Dots was an American Wild Ale brewed in collaboration with Jim Williams of Backdoor Bread in Charlotte, VT. Read the story to learn more about this collab as well as the cheese produced in collaboration w Jasper Hill.
July 1, 2021