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Foam Brewers was started in 2016 by an eclectic group of industry professionals with a shared appreciation for brewing, science, art, music, and culture. If you would like to get to know more about the individuals behind the brewery, stop on by for a little Foam.


Left to right: Todd Haire, Robert Grim, Dani Casey, Sam Keane, and Jon Farmer

An Ode to Foam

Foam. It’s always been an unconscious calling like drifting into a cumulus cloud bank on a sun drenched day, or collapsing in a frothy curl of a breaking wave. Foam; it’s natural beauty that rises up and is here and gone in a moment in time.

I have spent my working life in foam, beer foam that is, brewing beer, conjuring up mixtures of malt and hops to ferment into a crowning moment of beer. Great beer has always sat under foam.

Foam. It’s not one ingredient that gives stability; it’s many interwoven to create a structure of strength pouring out visual excitement. As I sit for a time, I enjoy that moment. All that remains is the lacing that adorns the empty glass and the making of a great memory. Until next time, see you under the Foam…





We offer a rotating selection of beers that vary based upon the season and our current inspiration. Below is a list of what we are pouring today. Beers are available in 8oz and 12oz pours as well as 750ml bottles to go.

Tranquil Pils

Pilsner (5.2%)
tasting notes: biscuity, spicy, crisp

Guided By Voices

India Pale Ale (6.5%)
tasting notes: passion fruit, lemon drop, guava


India Pale Ale (7.0%)
tasting notes: tangerine, spruce, pineapple

Future Nostalgia

India Pale Ale (7.2%)
tasting notes: grapefruit, watermelon, pine


Double IPA (8.2%)
tasting notes: mango, passion fruit, citrus

Galaxie 500

Double IPA (9.0%)
tasting notes: crushed pineapple, papaya, soft

Sleepy Time

Bière de Miel (9.0%)
tasting notes: lemon, honey, chamomile


We only carry 750ml swing-top bottles ourselves. However, we will fill other breweries growlers as long as you follow the guidelines:
| glass is clean |
| accepted sizes: 750ml, 32oz, 64oz, or 2L |
| brown glass only |
| government warning is present |
| bring your own screw caps |
| No large mouth format growlers |


Black Dot

American Wild Sour (6.4%) - House of Fermentology - Burlington, VT
Blended American Wild Ale aged for a year in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels and re-fermented with Mission fig and star anise.

Limited availability.

Other Liquids

Unified Press

5.2% ABV - Citizen Cider - Burlington, VT
naturally gluten-free, off-dry, crisp, clean and refreshing cider

Citizen Sweet

Citizen Cider - Burlington, VT.
non-alcoholic cider, 100% Juice, no added sugar, never from concentrate


We have a rotating selection of Vermont crafted kombucha. Please ask about our current offering.

Nitro Cold Pressed Coffee

We have a rotating selection of coffee made in Burlington, Vermont. Please ask about our current offering.



We offer a variety of fine cheeses and charcuterie that are served with an ever changing assortment of accoutrements and fresh bread. We often supplement the cheese and charcuteries with food trucks, sandwiches, or pastries. Feel free to call us at 802-399-2511 to ask about our current offerings for food.



February 10th

The High Breaks

8:00 PM | Free

More Info.

February 12th

Dale & Darcy

12:00 PM | Free

February 14th

Local Dork

5 PM


Weekly Occurrences


Grilled Cheese

On Tuesdays, we bring out the panini press and make mouth-watering grilled cheese with a variety of gourmet cheeses and fresh bread from August First Bakery.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese = $4 - $6


Beers, Bagels & Lox

Join us Sundays for Browne Trading smoked salmon and Feldman's bagels.

Lox Sandwich = $7

While bagels last.


Foam Brewers resides in a historic brick building along the Burlington waterfront that has seen everything from timber processing to fine dining.

The brewery atmosphere represents the same influences that shape our brewing style. We aim to highlight what came before us while building upon that foundation with creativity and innovation.

There is ample free parking in the lot directly in front of the brewery. If you are visiting us, there is no need to be deterred by the signs.

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