[Beer For Democracy.]

We at Foam Brewers encourage all eligible individuals to vote in this upcoming election, as well as all future primary, general, and local elections. As a brewery, beer is our largest platform to reach our community. We brewed VOTE to raise awareness about the importance of democratic participation and get nonpartisan resources into the hands of our customers.

Here we have compiled some resources to help determine if you are already registered to vote, how to register if not, and finally some nonpartisan resources on the candidates voting records and the platforms they are running on.

Voter Registration Resources

Check if your already registered. If you aren't registered, these tools will show you how. Learn where and how to vote.

Learn About Candidates:

Here are nonpartisan organizations that compile information on the candidates. We encourage you to see where candidates stand on issues, thier previous voting records, information on their campaign finances, and more.

Nationwide Deadlines:

Absentee Ballot Deadlines (by State)

Vermont Specific Information:

Register in Vermont

Vermont Polling Locations

Regardless of political views, we thank you for taking the time to participate in our democracy. While we have many things to work on in The United States of America, we are extremely fortunate to have a voice in our government, allowing us to evolve, adapt, and improve, generation after generation.


Foam Brewers

We would like to thank our friend Bethany Andrew-Nichols for collaborating with us on this project and creating the art/design featured on the VOTE can and this website.

Beenanza Design

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