Friday, June 16, 2023

9:00 pm

The Rollin' Rust with The Red Newts


Burlington - Waterfront

Rock & Roll

[The Rollin' Rust]

The Rollin' Rust is an indie/folk group from the foothills of Central New York. Being led by singer-songwriter James VanDeuson, The Rollin' Rust celebrates the distinguished writing style of a vagabond folk artist. Joined by his talented friends, Jim Hearn (lead guitarist) and Kyle Dennis (percussion) James' songs now have a distinct edginess to them, sounding almost as if you took a classic folk song and corrupted its mind with years of crazed festivals and long nights in smoky southern bar rooms. The Rollin' Rust boys have been playing music together since they were just teenagers, crafting a truly unique sound that could only be formed by such long-lasting friendship and intimate evenings with the highway itself.

Through their polished live performances and colorful lyricism, The Rollin' Rust tells the noble tale of a rambling group of young dreamers, unafraid to live out of vans, buses, hotels... and at times... tents. Their truthful stories of misfortune and their unmistakable tone allows them to leave their mark, wherever they happen to end up for the night.

[The Red Newts]

Founded on the drunken barstools of The Olde North Ender, The Red Newts have been playing around Vermont since 2013. The band is fronted by Sarah Cutler and Nick Losito, who have spent years honing their craft together through The Newts and other musical projects (The Babes of Butcher Holler, The Delta Sweet Duo). Alongside Sarah and Nick are David Titus on lead guitar, Luke Hausermann on bass, and Glen Wallace on drums.

The influence of country and blues shines as the main inspiration for their honest and witty originals, and dynamic covers of their favorite deep cuts. Inspired by everything from the Green Mountains to the Mississippi Delta; from the openhearted voice of Loretta Lynn, to the rock and roll stylings of Wanda Jackson, The Red Newts' are sure to make you feel both refreshed and nostalgic - and they’ll always keep you dancing.

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