Saturday, December 10, 2022

8:00 pm

Matthew Mercury and Night Protocol

Foam Presents: Matthew Mercury with Night Protocol
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Foam Presents: Matthew Mercury and Night Protocol

[Matthew Mercury]

Matthew Mercury is a story. A story about keeping the light on and having a vision. Matthew Mercury pays homage to the feeling of New York narratives a la Lou Reed, puncuated by Television-like guitar signatures, while making a detour out to the earnest romance of Springsteen's darkened trestles, all the while genuflecting to the artistry of Brill Building-esque hooks. Born out of a songwriting and production partnership between Matt Dublin and Ezra Oklan, Matthew Mercury aims to celebrate stories threaded into catchy choruses with an overall pop delivery that no healthy person can resist. Loud. You will understand, and don't get mad if they get stuck in your head and turn your light on too.

[Night Protocol]

Night Protocol was created to unite the sounds of the past, present, and future with a cutting-edge style of electronic music. Fueled by synthesizers and a devotion to the sounds of the 1980’s, Night Protocol performs their own blend of retro synthwave as a live band.

Night Protocol shows are driven by live analog synthesizers, syncopated drum machines, pulsing basslines, ripping guitar solos, saxophone leads, and harmonized vocals. Their live show takes a theatrical approach to music performance with coordinated visual lighting effects and a contagious sense of passion and energy for the foundations of electronic music.

| FREE | 8 PM |

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