Friday, September 2, 2022

9:00 pm

GoldenOak with The Leatherbound Books

Foam Presents: GoldenOak with The Leatherbound Books
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Foam Presents: GoldenOak with The Leatherbound Books


GoldenOak’s music is rooted in the natural landscape- their songs move like a stream, meandering and weaving in an original yet grounding direction. Fronted by siblings Zak and Lena Kendall GoldenOak’s music calmly excites its listeners while nestled in rich folk-influenced sibling harmony. The Maine-based band has built a steady and growing fan base with this kind of energetic intimacy. This is perfectly represented in the group's latest album “Room to Grow”- A 10-song reflection of the emotional and physical impacts of the climate crisis. The band is rounded out by up-right bassist Mike Knowles and Drummer Jackson Cromwell.
The Leatherbound Books:

The Leatherbound Books blend pop-tinged indie rock with crushing low self-esteem to create music fit for a solo lap at your local roller rink or a ride in the back of a mid-90s station wagon.

| FREE | 9 PM |

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