Thursday, June 8, 2023

7:00 pm

Dan Ryan Express


Burlington - Waterfront


Dan Ryan is a Vermont born and raised drummer who has long been a highly touted member of the Burlington music scene. Having played with some of the state's most popular acts (Madaila, Grippo Funk Band, James Harvey, Kat Wright, Craig Mitchell & Motor City, Strength in Numbers) and more over his nearly two-decade tenure in town, Ryan is known for bringing a fiery yet subtle touch to the kit.

With his group, the Dan Ryan Express, Ryan serves dual roles as drummer and front man while also toeing the line between tradition and modern expression, often bouncing back and forth between jazz classics and more contemporary music written by his bandmates.

This version of the Express will do just that, exploring their own interpretations of their favorite older tunes whilst also featuring original compositions of saxophonist Bryan McNamara, pianist Evan Allen, and bassist Diallo House.

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