Long Division

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Mixed Culture Quadruple IPA
750ml Growler

A Mixed Culture Quad IPA, Long Division was first brewed in September 2021 with fresh Triumph hops grown in Vermont by our friends at Champlain Valley Hops. The grain bill features Vermont Malthouse pilsen as well as flaked wheat by NEK grains. We fermented the beer in stainless with a combination of our house ale yeast, select strains of brettanomyces, and a lively mixed culture pitch from our American oak Foudre. Finally, we dry-hopped Long Division with more whole-cone Triumph from CVH. The resulting beer provides a unique combination of flavors and aromatics ranging from pineapple, peaches, and cream, to hints of vanilla and spice. It is both soft and tart at the same time and a pleasure to drink. We hope you enjoy responsibly. 12% abv.

Tasting Notes:
soft, pineapple, peaches & cream, hint of vanilla and spice, tart

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